Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Yoga Gone Bad

Day 31 - Yoga X

Glad today was my Yoga day. Put the kids down for their nap and spent 90min practicing poses that help my strength and flexibility. The last couple of days I've had a nagging white-hot pain in my right lower back/hip. I stretch, it gets better, I sleep it comes back. Eh - whatcha gonna do? I thought this long session might knock it out for good - but no go.

I'm happy with my progress in the practice. I set up a mirror in the basement so that I can see if my arms are straight or if I am doing the poses correctly. It also came in really handy yesterday during Back & Biceps. I was able to determine that I don't hold my abs in when I'm lifting with my arms. That one tip will translate in to better posture, better form and - thus - better results.

Didn't wear my heart rate monitor during this session. It's been acting wonky and I need to send it in to Polar to have the battery and watch band replaced. I use my monitor a lot when I run, because I just go as fast as I can if I don't have that governor. During my P90X days, I probably don't really need it.

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