Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Yoga Gone Bad

Day 31 - Yoga X

Glad today was my Yoga day. Put the kids down for their nap and spent 90min practicing poses that help my strength and flexibility. The last couple of days I've had a nagging white-hot pain in my right lower back/hip. I stretch, it gets better, I sleep it comes back. Eh - whatcha gonna do? I thought this long session might knock it out for good - but no go.

I'm happy with my progress in the practice. I set up a mirror in the basement so that I can see if my arms are straight or if I am doing the poses correctly. It also came in really handy yesterday during Back & Biceps. I was able to determine that I don't hold my abs in when I'm lifting with my arms. That one tip will translate in to better posture, better form and - thus - better results.

Didn't wear my heart rate monitor during this session. It's been acting wonky and I need to send it in to Polar to have the battery and watch band replaced. I use my monitor a lot when I run, because I just go as fast as I can if I don't have that governor. During my P90X days, I probably don't really need it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Day Results

First 30 days, survived! I feel so proud of myself for sticking with it, and while I can't see super-duper results yet, my body fat percentage speaks for its self. I can do way more push ups, can actually DO 6 pull ups, I push through plyo, am more flexible with the Yoga, and am following more consistent healthy eating habits.

Starting Weight: 168
30 Day: 166.4

Starting Body Fat: 35%
30 Day: 33%

Day 1 above. I like my back...because you can't see my belly. Shoulders are more cut and muffin top is diminishing. Yay!
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Photos of 30 Day Results

Day 1 is the top photo, Day 30 the bottom.

Okay, okay, so I CAN see a difference in the side view. Here's to another 30 days!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Plyo Revisited

Day 29 - Plyometrics

Yesterday marked the beginning of Phase 2 of P90X. I get a more balanced diet with a few more carbohydrates, and I get to start all over confusing the heck out of my muscles again. When I started, today's routine was such a thorn in my side. Today, it's more like a stubbed toe. Yes, that IS actually better. I was able to do more of the airborne stuff and actually completed most of the jump and twist maneuvers in the ending sequences. I finished strong and I didn't cuss or cry once.

Tonight I feel a little like I did when I started this program 29 days ago. My arms and shoulders are sore from the beating they took yesterday, and my legs are like jell-o from the pounding today. My whole body pretty much feels tore up. I rolled out some of the more stubborn spots on the foam roller and will get a good nights sleep. More work to do tomorrow!

Calories burned: 576
Average HR: 150
Max HR: 188

More Push-Ups!?

Day 28 - Shoulders Chest & Triceps, Ab Ripper X

At the beginning of each workout, there is a list of what is needed. Weights, bands, water, towel, push up stands. Paper plate? Yep. Put one hand on it, and do some fancy push ups whilst you slide one hand out and then in. Oof. I also learned how to do One Handed Push-Ups...learned and executed are two different things, though.

Working the smaller muscles of the chest and shoulders isn't the mega-calorie burner like most of the routines in this program. My 8yr old daughter loves to workout with me and lift 3lb and 1lb dumbbells. She asked me why she wasn't sweating yet at one point...but sure didn't want to do another push up by the time we were done.

Another Tour d' Ab Ripper this time, as well. This DVD is getting more "doable" and I'm sure, if I keep at it, I might see my abs by Christmas!

Calories burned: 325
Average HR: 100
Max HR: 149

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Scheduling Adjustment

Day 27 - Rest or X Stretch

I am making an adjustment to my schedule. For the last 4 weeks, my rest day has been Thursday. It just so happens that Wednesday is a terribly busy day for our family, in which we are gone all evening. I was squeezing the workout in, but barely...and resenting all of it.

So, on the advice of my dear husband (who is usually right about these things), I decided to skip the Yoga routine scheduled for today and start week 5 tomorrow. I can't believe what a load off my mind it is to not have to figure out when (in between daycare pickups, naps, and home schooling) I was going to get my workout done. And just for a bonus in the peace department, I'm not cooking dinner tonight either.

I won't be writing the Weekly Report this time around. Being very close to the 30 day mark, I've decided to post my thoughts over the entire month at that time, along with *gulp* pictures of "before" and "30 days." Also, the scale is finally beginning to cooperate - so I'm feeling better about things. This day of rest aught to fix me up right and give me the gumption to get at it another 30 days.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad Attitude

Day 26 - Core Synergistics

I guess I could sugar coat it and tell you that I "struggled." The truth is I really hated working out today. I was tired, coughing, and all around hating life. I'm really *pissed* that I've been working so hard for no change in the numbers. Doesn't really make you want to stick with the program.

This workout is similar in effort to a circuit training workout. Many of the exercises use the core muscles and the muscles of the lower back. Having chronic pain in my back, I have to be careful about how far I push on this one. While making the switch from "superman" pose to "boat" I felt a nice twinge. I breathed through it and kept going. All is well.

By the end of the workout I was standing in front of the TV making what looked like an effort to stretch. I really hope I can see a difference on the scale or the tape this week. Right now this feels like a quantum waste of my time.

Calories burned: 416
Average HR: 128
Max HR: 176

Value in Stretching

Day 25 - X Stretch

This routine was actually a part of the schedule this week and not just an option for a "Rest Day." I had previously skipped it and taken the full rest option. Now I see the error of my ways. X Stretch is a complete, therapeutic stretch program. It wasn't anywhere near as intense as Yoga X - still on a mat, shoes off - but I walked away without breaking a sweat and with my hair still in place!

Now that I have done this hour long routine, I will be more likely to go ahead and perform this on my rest day as a band-aid for what I did to my body all week long. Tony Horton is big on the stretching and attributes it to longevity and maximized performance.

Hey, I'm all for that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Karate is Fun!

Day 24 - Kenpo X

I really like this routine. In fact, it's so much fun that I've considered taking some Karate classes! Well, that will have to be "after" a lot of other things. Great fun, great calorie burn, and not as grueling as some of the other routines. Feeling glad for the increased cardio this week - but anxious to get back to lifting!

Following this routine has sure made me more vigilant in my nutrition efforts. Today marked two social events in the last week, involving food that I came away from having eaten none of it. *pats own back* I don't want to screw up all my hard work - and, let's face it - I'm in "does this work" mode. If I veer off of the nutrition plan, I won't have a true test of the effectiveness.

Oh, the things I do in the interest of science.

Calories burned: 471
Average HR: 135
Max HR: 180

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Core Synergistics

Day 23 - Core Synergistics

Unfortunately, I started out doing the wrong workout today! I did the warm-up portion of Shoulders, Arms and Triceps. Doink! This workout is KILLER. I think Plyo might be a little tougher, but for what's supposed to be a Recovery Week, I'm scared of what's ahead. I was very happy for a little Recovery Drink and a shower afterward.

Calories burned: 580
Average HR: 150
Max HR: 188

With variations of Mountain Climbers, and crazy Lunges with Weights, this was a max burn workout!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wet Noodle

Day 22 - Yoga X

Today is Friday, and I'm happy to say that I DID get my workout in! After work, we went grocery shopping. We got home around 7pm and my dear husband shooed me out of the kitchen and off to do my workout. My sister was en route from KC, the groceries needed put away, kids still hadn't been fed, and the Littles would need to be put to bed soon.

I'm so grateful for hubby's support - in the midst of the storm, I was able to leave it all behind and practice yoga for over an hour. I made it *nearly* through the whole routine...I admit, I was so wiped out that I turned it off in the last 15 minutes. I really hate admitting that - I likely could have pushed on. But I could hear my sister's arrival, the kids running around, and I wanted to be a part of it!

I was surprised at how much better I could complete the moves today. I could actually HOLD the balance postures and attempted some of the more advanced moves. Yay, me!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 3 Report

Day 21 - Rest or X Stretch


All of my enthusiasm was spent on week 2. The last 7 days of this program wiped me OUT. There were a couple of days that I almost couldn't make myself push play. Just like anything, though, I'm so glad that I did.

Week 1 weight: 168
End of week 3: 166.6

Boo. the last 3 weeks of busting my butt and keeping my calories between 1600 - 1800, protein up, water chugging...I've lost 1.4lbs!? Whatever. It's not going to stop me, and I'm not going to change what I'm doing. My basal metabolic rate is 1500, I burn an average of 500 calories per workout and at least 300 more chasing around 6 or 7 kids all day. I am confident that I have an adequate deficit, sometimes things just stall.

Calories Burned
Week 1 - 2640
Week 2 - 2980
Week 3 - 2370 (missed 1 workout)

I'm looking forward to this next week. It's billed as a "Recovery Week." I will be doing Core Synergistics, Cardio X, X Stretch and Yoga X. No heavy lifting this week. The Instructional Manual says that exercise is the architect and rest is the builder. Ironically, I may show some weight loss at the end of week 4 due to the "rest."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Day 20 - Kenpo X

I am so wiped out I don't even know what to say. I did NOT want anything to do with a work out today. About 20min in, I nearly shut it off. I tried my best to do as much as I could, maintaining proper form. In the end, I'm glad I kept going and finished. Feeling extremely happy that tomorrow is a rest day.

Calories burned: 375...about. I left my watch on the dresser and am much to lazy to go get it right now.

Yep, this IS quality blogging.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If It's Tingling It's Working

Day 19 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

As the mother of 4 children, I have been tired a couple of times in the last 12 years. My definition of the feelings that goes with the statement "I'm so tired!" has changed over time. This week, I have added a new feeling to go with that statement. The drained to the bone marrow, to weak to stand on legs made of jell-o, feeling. My muscle fibers seem to be "tingling" somehow...feels nearly restless. I pray there is much building going on. Boy am I ever looking forward to week 4...a "recovery" week. I know better than to think it will be easy, but my large muscle groups sure could use a break!

I was so happy to be able to complete all of the Mason Twists at the end of the Ab Ripper DVD! I modify by only raising one leg and alternating every 10 reps - but 3 weeks ago I could do nothing close to that! Three more weeks and I may not be modifying anymore.'s gorgeous.

Calories burned: 553
Average HR: 130
Max HR: 182

Monday, October 18, 2010

No Witty Title

Day 18 - Yoga X

I have played around with Yoga DVD's for quite a while. When I was really out of shape, I bought them thinking that it would "still count" as exercise and be easy. Psh. Yoga ain't easy!!

I'm getting pretty good at Chaturanga into Upward Dog - and I found myself rejoicing twice with "I did it, I can DO this now!" What a wonderful feeling of progress! My actual weigh number doesn't seem to be cooperating right now, so these other things are very important. I know they tell you not to worry about losing weight - but I have 27lbs left to loose - I need to be concerned, or slip into apathy.

Calories burned: 345
Average HR: 97
Max HR: 153

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Rare Day

Day 17 - No Workout

Today was supposed to be Shoulders and Arms with Ab Ripper X. I usually do everything I can to get workout in - but we stayed in a small hotel room last night with a family of 6, got up and went to church, then a luncheon, a reception, and then the 2.5hr drive home. No time, no space. The only exercise I got was chasing our 1.5yr and 3yr olds around trying to keep them out of stuff!

I was happy with my nutrition choices today! We had breakfast in the room (protein bar, apple, coffee) and for lunch there was a buffet style serving with Salisbury Steaks swimming in gravy (pass), Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Lettuce Salad, Fruit, and Rolls (love 'em, but pass). I had a protein bar in the car on the way to the reception to ward off the Cake Monster. At the reception I had coffee and right before we left, a plate of cut fruit. NO CAKE FOR ME! We arrived home in time to have a little Boca Burger on Spring Mix for supper.

I'm grateful for a supportive husband that noshed protein bars and skipped cake along with me. That makes it much easier!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Merrily We Cough Along

Day 16 - Plyometrics

Everyone in my house (in the city) has been graciously sharing this sinus thing. I joke around and say that "I don't get sick" but I just might be. I really slogged through my workout today. I did what I was told, and I was really glad when it was over. Chugged my Recovery Drink, showered and got on with my day. I'm actually hoping I can rest in the car since we have a 2.5hr drive ahead of us this afternoon.

I can't believe I'm in the 3rd week of this thing already!!

Calories burned: 548
Average HR: 149
Max HR: 178

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Big Squeeze

Day 15 - Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

Wow. If there ever was a day that I did NOT want to work out, plus a day where the odds were stacked against me time-wise, it was today. Sleep deprived, stuffy nosed, and sore back merged with short of time to make it difficult. I managed to get it done, shower, speed to Shopko for last minute dresses for the girls (hafta have 'em for an event on Sunday), through Arby's for some roast beef (1 Jr. Roast Beef = 200kcal) and on to church for a special AWANA club from 6:30 - 8:30.

I'm toast. I took some NyQuil for my sinus/cough thingy, had bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares so it didn't upset my stomach - and I'm ready for bed. I don't even know what workout comes next tomorrow...I just push play and do what I'm told.

Calories burned: 548
Average HR: 129
Max HR: 180

Who knew you could burn SO many calories doing push ups and pull ups?? I looked back to last week, and I am safely doing twice the amount of pull ups this week. I'm also completing more push ups on the second set this week. Great progress so far!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 2 Report

Day 14 - Rest or X Stretch

Once again, taking the total rest option this week. It seems that the cortisone injection (3rd one this year) in my spine did not do the trick last month and I am having quite a little discomfort. While, normally, I would go ahead and work out as scheduled - today I will stick with some light stretching, some Ibuprofen and the heating pad. Why push it on a day you don't have to?

Last week seemed to go by like a whirl wind. I was excited about each and every workout (okay, except the Plyo!) and burned more calories than the week before. I can now actually do a few pull ups and I think I'm ready to straighten my legs and try some "real" push ups next week! The Ab Ripper X routine isn't as daunting as it was in the beginning - and, I can do much more than I could 2 weeks ago.

Calories burned week 1: 2640
Calories burned week 2: 2980

Why the increase? I think my husband was right when he said that I am more capable of working hard. I will add to that by stating I am more flexible and more willing to work hard!

Start Weight: 168
End of Week 2: 166.2

Still not overly concerned about the slowish weight loss aspect. I am trying to loose fat and build muscle. Muscle burns fat 24/7, so the more of that I have, the better! Doing well with sticking to the calorie budget - I find it hard to consume 1800kcal most days - though some days I am so hungry that it hardly seems like enough! I did purchase some P90X Recovery Drink and started taking my Melaleuca Multi-Vitamin more consistently.

Looking forward to week 3 - another repeat of the routines from weeks 1 and 2.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun Feeling Burn

Day 13 - Kenpo X

This DVD is really the most fun I've had burning mega-calories. I knew I would enjoy anything with kicks, punches and blocks. We even get to do a little yelling! Woot! Today it took some creativity to get it worked in. I had a very special visitor at the hour I would have done my workout. I had a fantastic visit, then left my supportive husband upstairs with 7 children while I squeezed in my workout. We have church on Wednesday nights, so I knew it was then or never. People, it CAN be done.

Calories Burned: 489
Average HR: 136
Max HR: 180

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can Do Attitude

Day 12 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

I was so surprised during the first set of pull ups. In the P90X material, there is coaching to leave behind "I can't" and replace it with "I currently struggle with." Well, I can't do...I mean...I currently struggle with Pull Ups. You can imagine my surprise when I pumped out 5 in the first set!


I am so very impressed with my progress so far. I did more of the Ab Ripper exercises than I had even done on Sunday! It is truly amazing, the increase in ability even after 12 short days. On a nutrition note, I added one serving of complex carbohydrates to my day, at breakfast. I find that I am extremely fatigued during the day and can't catch up. The carbs seemed to help.

Calories burned: 577
Average HR: 131
Max HR: 179

Monday, October 11, 2010

Practice is Right

Day 11 - Yoga X

I was feeling really glad that today was my yoga routine. A rest day. A break. Why do I always trick myself into thinking that yoga is easy!? I like this routine very much. Variety of moves is not a problem. There are some that I cannot even do yet! I can get IN to the pose - but I can't hold it for even a second. Room for improvement.

Every salutation I made today was with prayer to my Heavenly Father. I smiled brightly and thanked the God of the Universe for his provision and for my good health. The only salutation I give is to the God of the Bible. Not the sun, not the earth, the moon or the sky. Praying through the poses, hands up in worship, head down in reverence. It's awesome, and it burns calories!

In the interest of comparing stats from last time, I should note, I only did the first 60 minutes and skipped the meditation at the end.
Calories burned: 252
Average HR: 102
Max HR: 147

So darn worn out at this point. Going to bed early tonight. Thankful to my sweet husband for cleaning up after dinner. Gonna be mantra...gonna be ripped!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alternating the Beatings

Day 10 - Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X

At this point, I just feel like I'm just taking turns with the upper and lower body abuse. I did as much as I could today. I used 10lbs on all the curls, 8 on the presses, and 5 on the triceps work. I downloaded an application for my Droid to keep track of reps and weights. Great little app. I was able to perform all "In and Outs" on the Ab Ripper DVD and made it half way through the other exercises. I am pretty happy with my progress!

The only complaint I have, at this point, is the nutrition plan. I would LOVE to have some more carbohydrates!! It's not the actual bread/pasta/rice that I miss, but the fruit and vegetables. My normal plan is 2 fruits and 3 veggies per day. Cutting down to 1 fruit and 2 veggies is harder than I thought. I'm getting pretty tired of egg whites for breakfast and salads with meat on them for lunch! Oh well, short term pain for long term gain.

Calories burned: 486
Average HR: 121
Max HR: 173

Compare to last time. I'm burning more calories with each workout this week. Not sure why that I trying harder now that I know the routines?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beats a Nap

Day 9 - Plyometrics

Thankfully, not as bad as the first time, though I'm not sure it beats a nap. I made it through the first 40 of the 60 minutes in fairly good shape. It wasn't until the last round of exercises and the deadly "Hot Foot" that I had to take a walking break and skip the next exercise. My heart rate was way to high and I just couldn't do any more. You have to know when to take a break so that you don't get hurt.

I was tired going in to this workout today. Though, after the beating that my shoulders took yesterday, I was happy to allow my legs to feel the burn. I'm hoping after a good nights sleep, that I won't tear up when I think about doing Shoulders & Arms tomorrow... This week is going to be tough.

Calories Burned: 594
Average HR: 155
Max HR: 183 (!!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sitting Up More

Day 8 - Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

Today starts the second round of the first 4 week rotation. I will be repeating all of the routines from last week, and will do the same next week. Consequently, I won't be running down each workout. I will say that I did a few more push ups on the second set during Chest and Back, and am now able to complete half of the repetitions on most of the exercises in Ab Ripper X.

I am still following the extremely low carb diet of the first phase. For these first 4 weeks, I am limited to 1 carbohydrate serving and 1 fruit. I was a little difficult at first, but now I save my carb serving until dinner and have pasta or rice with the family. Breakfasts of egg whites and lunches of field greens topped with lean cuts of meat are getting a little old...but I'm sure I'll survive. Knowing it's only temporary helps.

Today's Statistics
Calories burned: 581
Average HR: 136
Max HR: 174

I seem to have burned much more than last time. Oh, and I don't recall wishing for death even once.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week 1 Report

Day 7: Rest or X Stretch

Now, see, I'm not completely crazy. I will be taking the "rest" option today. I'll be the first to admit that this program is royally kicking my behind. I sleep better than a baby lately...and I'd really appreciate it if my baby would get the picture and sleep like a worn out Momma!

Yesterday I realized that my Kenpo X DVD was damaged. I e-mailed Beach Body and in less than an hour (!!) I received a response that a replacement would be shipped to me right away. They also have insurance that you can purchase for $13.90 that ensures lifetime replacement. Hmm...great way to protect an investment.

Today is Thursday, and not my usual weigh in day - but I decided to record my weekly weigh here for posterity. And just for giggles, I measured my waist and hips.

Start Weight: 168
End of Wk 1: 167.8
Not worried about the small loss. I had anticipated even even a slight gain the first week or two, maybe three. Unconcerned. Here's the shocker...

Starting Waist Inches: 35.5
End of Wk 1: 34.5

What? Are you kidding me!?! I measured several times - thinking surely I had made a mistake. An entire inch off my waist. I measured my hips as well, nothing there yet - but OH WELL! I thought I was just being silly when I felt tighter in the cage. The 'ol Ab Ripper X is doing it's job!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squeezing It In Anyway

Day 6: Kenpo X

Normally I take Wednesday's off from workouts. We have church in the evening, I have an extra baby to care for, and I'm just to busy to squeeze it in. Today I decided to do it anyway. Unfortunately, I only was able to complete 45 out of the 60 minutes of this DVD. The last few minutes were joggy and pixelated. I checked the DVD, looked okay, and the player is brand new as of yesterday. I emailed Beach Body, and in less than an hour had a response saying they had shipped a replacement! Wow, now that's service.

Kenpo X (60min) - This routine is kick boxing for beginners. It starts out with a fair amount of stretching and Tony takes your through the jabs, hooks and kicks slowly first, then faster with "speed and sound." I really enjoyed this strong cardio workout. It is easily my favorite, yet. I sweat so much it was literally dripping from my hair. Niiiice.

Calories burned: 350
Average HR: 140
Max HR: 176

Wow, am I glad tomorrow is the "Day Off or X Stretch" option of the program. It is actually difficult to rise from a seated position or carry a kid today after Kenpo. Change is difficult, but worth it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello Jell-O

Day 5 - Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

My fantastic husband straightened up the basement a whole lot today to make room for me to "Bring It." Previously we had the game system hooked up to the same TV as the one I use for doing exercise DVD's. In that same room was also the treadmill, the step boxes, the free weights, the exercise ball, the fan, a recliner, the deep freeze...

Thanks to his clever rearranging, and some pitching of things were really weren't using, I had plenty of room to do so many lunges that I could barley sit to write this. Thanks honey!

Legs & Back (58min) - Lunges, squats, and chin ups, oh my! One legged wall squats are now my nemesis. The variety of lunges was interesting and I got a good chance to work on perfect form for squats. My legs feel very "weak" cooked spaghetti, or jell-o.

Ab Ripper X (15min) - I did a few more of two of the exercises today! Doing this routine after the beating my legs took was tough. There are Scissors, Heels to Heaven, and some crazy thing called Crunchy Frog that I remember from the Power 90 Masters series. I actually felt like throwing up once and had to pause so I didn't loose it.

Dang, I'm tired tonight.

Calories burned: 536
Average HR: 128
Max HR: 179
Times I nearly threw up: 1

Monday, October 4, 2010

No "Ohm" for Me, Thanks

Day 4 - Yoga X

Yoga has helped my running, my back problems, and has really improved my balance. This workout was a little long, but held my interest with fast paced, challenging routines.

Yoga X (90min) - This workout was broken in to several parts. The first 45 minutes was dedicated to movement in the poses. This was the hot and sweaty part of the workout. Next, Tony took us through some poses to work on balance. The "Yoga Belly Seven" were poses designed to work the core. The last 10 minutes were dedicated to relaxation, and 'ol spandex tights clad Tony even did a little "ohm." All in all, a nice break from the last few days of torture.

Calories burned: 314
Max HR: 144
Average HR: 91
Times I wished for death: 0 (hardly worth my time, ha, ha!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not So Bad Today

Day 3 - Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X

Fortunately I wasn't as sore today, from Plyos, as I thought I would be. Either my legs are a little stronger than I thought...or...the Recovery Drink really does help! I am still considering getting some. Per serving, it is less than other sports recovery drinks in the grocery store. It's just the up front investment that makes me swallow hard.

Shoulders & Arms (60min) - I really like upper body workouts. I am fairly strong and can tolerate a lot of abuse. I used 8lbs weights on most of the curls and presses, 5lbs on triceps work. I was surprised at how many calories I burned, overall. It didn't feel like I worked terribly hard.

Ab Ripper X (15min) - I am rethinking doing any workout with the word "ripper" in it. This is a killer routine. I am only able to complete less than half of the 25 reps for each of the 11 exercises.

Calories burned: 406
Average HR: 111
Max HR: 159
Times I wished for death: 1

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Still Smiling

And I Thought I Was Fit

Day 2: Plyometrics

I gave up my one chance per week for a nap to do this workout. I was really glad that the Littles slept well and I even had the chance to shower before they both woke up.

At the beginning of this workout, Tony Horton says that THIS is the workout that put the "X" in P90X. This, he says, is the "money". I have been exercising for years - taken some time off to have babies and gain weight - but I have done a LOT of exercise videos. So when I hear an assertion like this I sort of roll my eyes. I really hate plyo exercises...hate, hate, hate. Hate.

Plyometrics (60min) - Also known as "jump training", this style of workout works the large muscles in your legs. There was a LOT of jumping as you might imagine, but as a surprise we squatted down and THEN jumped up. A LOT. The warm up and the first round of exercises weren't to bad. I was feeling confident. But, around the 20 minute mark we moved on to some harder stuff. I have never cried during a workout, but I was close today. There were two times in which I audibly said "I hate you" to the television screen.

I recommend that if you do this workout, you don't do it in the basement, as I did. It might be hard for you to get back up the steps. I downed some P90X Recovery Drink that I received as a sample. Tasted pretty good - and hey, if it helps - I'm all for it.

Calories burned: 560
Average HR: 148
Max HR: 182
Times I wished for death: 3

Friday, October 1, 2010

High Protein Bonk

I followed the P90X diet plan today. I normally follow a high protein diet, but Phase I of this plan failed me today. Per the plan - all of the complex carbohydrates included in my day are - one serving of traditional carbohydrates and one fruit. I had 1/2 a serving with breakfast and an apple for morning snack.

By 2:00 this afternoon, I had a headache and a steely taste in my mouth. I've had plenty of water today, and one of my two allotted vegetable servings, so the last thing I thought could be lacking was some complex carbs.

Piece of multi-grain toast with a little butter to the rescue! I washed it down with a glass of water and in about 20 minutes or so, things were getting better. I want to follow the diet plan as closely as possible - but may need to adjust Phase 1 to meet my bodies specific needs.

Chest and Back

Day 1 - Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

Today was my last day of the 5:30am workouts. HOO-RAH. Hubby's schedule is changing, so we will have to squeeze them in sometime in the afternoon or evening. I don't mind working out in the mornings, sorta gets it out of the way. I wonder if I could perform better later in the day, though.

Chest and Back (55min) - tons of push ups in every different way imaginable (Decline Push-Ups with your feet on a chair!!). A fair amount of pull ups in varying grips. I do okay on the push ups, but totally bonk on the pull ups. I used to think my arms were pretty strong - what with lifting kids all day - but I guess they are not strong enough to pull up my body weight. I used a chair with one foot on it for support and was able to at least begin half way and pull myself up. Essentially, there were 12 exercises and then we repeated them in reverse order.

Ab Ripper X (15min) - If you complete each rep of every exercise, you end up performing over 300 moves. Needless to say, this 30-Something Momma of 4, did NOT even come close. I estimate I was able to do a third of the exercises. This DVD is used as an add-on 2 or 3 days a week.

My arms feel like jello and I'm pretty sure my abs will be screaming by evening. For breakfast, I followed the meal plan and had a Mushroom & Egg White Omelet. Not far off what I normally have. I skipped my usual high fiber tortilla, but ended up having a piece of multi-grain bread later. I could hear my body needing the carb energy.

Calories burned: 475
Average HR: 122
Max HR: 168
Times I wished for death: 1

That's it - Day 1. Only 89 to go...