Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the Insanity Begin

I last posted here with the intent of training for a Half Marathon. Next weekend, May 1st, is the big day! I took a couple of weeks to collect myself, then on my 35th birthday on 12/28/10, I started training. I was going to start a new blog - but as a runner, my main blog is normally all about running anyhow:

Life is Beautiful

I hurt my left knee back in March. No big surprise...every time I increase my mileage I go to far and one knee or the other gives. This time I did it up REAL nice on a 10 mile run and couldn't run for 3 weeks. I learned to tolerate the elliptical trainer, love the bike, and even to swim. I continued to build my endurance in spite of the inability to run. I had to build back slowly, but managed to complete an eleven mile run on Wednesday to wrap up training.

I hope to complete 13.1 miles in 2:40. I'm running with my 19yo I'm counting on our history of fast runs together to do even better. My goal is to cover the distance, injury free and to RUN across the finish line. The time goal simply to make sure I pace myself.

So, what's next?

I was going to do another round of P90X - but now that I am a BeachBody Coach (and get 25% off!) I decided to try something new - with a fitting name:

I plan to do the 60 day program and follow the nutrition plan. My goal (once again) is to cut body fat. I'm not as concerned about the weight number as I am about the body fat percentage. I am finally at a point with my weight - within 20lbs of "normal" - that I don't care. I work hard and watch what I eat and things will work out. Muscle is my goal - it burns fat.

I plan to blog here on a daily basis with reviews of the videos and the eating plan.

And then?

And then? Hm...I will have to think about that. :)

Keep setting goals - I will see you after the Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon, ready to get INSANE.