Monday, November 1, 2010

Sultan of Squats

Day 32 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

So many squats. Oof. I didn't sleep much last night, so working these large muscle groups took it's toll very quickly. I really like alternating between the pull-ups and the many variations of squats - I at least FEEL like I am getting a break. I was very against doing the Ab Ripper DVD today - but I was a good little girl and did it anyhow. I completed all but the last 5 minutes. I just couldn't do any more.

I've decided to stop taking the P90X Results and Recovery Formula drink. I posted another small gain for the third week in a row. I looked to the website for some explanation and decided that the Creatine in the drink is causing water retention in my muscles. This is a good thing during recovery, but can show as a bad thing on the scale. I will now be drinking a cup of skim milk with a tablespoon of honey mixed in as my protein/simple carb recovery drink. I know I'm getting leaner and stronger, but I want to see the scale results as well.

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