Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squeezing It In Anyway

Day 6: Kenpo X

Normally I take Wednesday's off from workouts. We have church in the evening, I have an extra baby to care for, and I'm just to busy to squeeze it in. Today I decided to do it anyway. Unfortunately, I only was able to complete 45 out of the 60 minutes of this DVD. The last few minutes were joggy and pixelated. I checked the DVD, looked okay, and the player is brand new as of yesterday. I emailed Beach Body, and in less than an hour had a response saying they had shipped a replacement! Wow, now that's service.

Kenpo X (60min) - This routine is kick boxing for beginners. It starts out with a fair amount of stretching and Tony takes your through the jabs, hooks and kicks slowly first, then faster with "speed and sound." I really enjoyed this strong cardio workout. It is easily my favorite, yet. I sweat so much it was literally dripping from my hair. Niiiice.

Calories burned: 350
Average HR: 140
Max HR: 176

Wow, am I glad tomorrow is the "Day Off or X Stretch" option of the program. It is actually difficult to rise from a seated position or carry a kid today after Kenpo. Change is difficult, but worth it!

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