Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Rare Day

Day 17 - No Workout

Today was supposed to be Shoulders and Arms with Ab Ripper X. I usually do everything I can to get workout in - but we stayed in a small hotel room last night with a family of 6, got up and went to church, then a luncheon, a reception, and then the 2.5hr drive home. No time, no space. The only exercise I got was chasing our 1.5yr and 3yr olds around trying to keep them out of stuff!

I was happy with my nutrition choices today! We had breakfast in the room (protein bar, apple, coffee) and for lunch there was a buffet style serving with Salisbury Steaks swimming in gravy (pass), Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Lettuce Salad, Fruit, and Rolls (love 'em, but pass). I had a protein bar in the car on the way to the reception to ward off the Cake Monster. At the reception I had coffee and right before we left, a plate of cut fruit. NO CAKE FOR ME! We arrived home in time to have a little Boca Burger on Spring Mix for supper.

I'm grateful for a supportive husband that noshed protein bars and skipped cake along with me. That makes it much easier!!

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  1. Congratulations! That's some iron will-power right there. And wow is your dh a keeper or what? Forgoing the cake to support you? Bet the Lord poured out blessing on his head for being so awesome. =)


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