Monday, October 4, 2010

No "Ohm" for Me, Thanks

Day 4 - Yoga X

Yoga has helped my running, my back problems, and has really improved my balance. This workout was a little long, but held my interest with fast paced, challenging routines.

Yoga X (90min) - This workout was broken in to several parts. The first 45 minutes was dedicated to movement in the poses. This was the hot and sweaty part of the workout. Next, Tony took us through some poses to work on balance. The "Yoga Belly Seven" were poses designed to work the core. The last 10 minutes were dedicated to relaxation, and 'ol spandex tights clad Tony even did a little "ohm." All in all, a nice break from the last few days of torture.

Calories burned: 314
Max HR: 144
Average HR: 91
Times I wished for death: 0 (hardly worth my time, ha, ha!)

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