Thursday, June 30, 2011


P90X - Yoga X / 1:15

I was really looking forward to this today. I love the "in the moment" focus of Yoga. I always forget how absolutely grueling this routine is!

So tough - but SO GOOD.

I didn't always feel this way about Yoga. I want to run, to bike, to feel my heart beating and see the miles behind me. I don't want to hang out on one little 2x6ft piece of mat just posing!

But I have learned that it helps all other aspects of my life. No, really. Not in the "at one with the universe" sort of way. But the "my back hurts less and I can move better" way. No amount of medical intervention has come close to what Yoga practice has done for my health and well being. One long session per week, and a few stretches and poses during the day is all it takes. Try it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Run

2.12 miles / 24:58

This was my first run since my hamstring injury 2 weeks ago. I wore my Mizuno's and didn't try to mess around with the retraining of my stride. I tried to strike with my foot forward and take smaller strides to stick with the trend I've been learning. I ran slow and walked the hills. When I started out, everything hurt. My knees, hips and back were all being big babies. ???

So I did what any crazy runner does, and stuck it out. Those issues resolved and my hamstring quietly continued to ache. I would have really liked to run 3, but figured I shouldn't push it. I came home and iced it - right now it isn't giving me to much trouble. I do believe I will refrain from running until Monday.

Upper Body Tuesday

P90X - Shoulders & Arms / 59:00

My legs were a little sore from all the kick drills on Monday - so the upper body work was welcome. This tape is a rotating workout - shoulders, biceps, triceps, repeat. I used 10's for my shoulder and biceps work till the end of the tape when I pared down to 8's. I'm using 5's for my triceps but need something just a little heavier.

Free weights are at least $1/lb - so I've put off buying some for quite some time. We currently have 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 15 and 25 pound sets. I really need one between the 5 and 8's for my triceps, and will soon need 12's for my shoulders. I think I may hold off until I do my next round of P90X this fall. Maybe I can tape the 1lb weights to the 5's for now...!!

An hour of upper body weights is quite the workout. MyFitnessPal only gives me 200 calories credit for this workout, but I'm sure I burned more.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Swim

Swim - 1500yds / 55:00

I did NOT want to get up and do this today. I actually felt quite resistant even last night...but, of course, I'm glad that I did.

I went to the YMCA to swim, because we've had so much rain this weekend I thought I bike ride would be messy. I "raced" a 6 year old and played volleyball last night at a party and my hamstring injury was still yelling at me. I'm hoping to try a 2 mile run on Wednesday...praying for healing over here. Here's the breakdown of my workout this morning:

Warm Up - 250
Back Stroke - 250
Up and back kick drills - 2 x 250
Back stroke - 250
Cool Down - 250

I still haven't tried much front crawl...the water in the ear and the whole breathing thing still freaks me out. I managed to get a great workout with the other strokes and work on kicking efficiently.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rest Day

I was so sore last night it was hard to roll over in bed. My core, chest and shoulders are so sore from Tuesdays upper body work and Thursdays quads were a little sore from the big ride, and my silly back is taking the brunt of my hamstring issue.

Enough whining...Saturday is normally my rest day. No workouts, anyway. I think I may take off Sunday as well. My body is just SORE.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Long Cycle

Cycling - 15.25 miles / 1:14

My training schedule called for a 7 mile run today, but my hamstring on the left is getting better and I don't want to mess it up. I opted for a bike ride of equal time length and intensity. It was a beautiful morning for a ride. Just a little cool starting out, and the sun quickly came out and warmed it up. I forgot my shades! I did fuel on this ride, but opted for a Gu Gel instead of the Larabar of last time. Much easier to squish a gel down my throat than to chew a food bar.

Great ride.

And tomorrow - we rest!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


P90X - Yoga X / 1:20

Wow, this was a sweaty mess today. I missed last Thursdays Yoga session because of my hamstring issue. Standing Crescent Pose with my injured leg forward was difficult at first. I eased into every pose and tried to make this a therapeutic session.

I'm grateful for what yoga practice has done for my back. Though I read that my current injury may be more frequent in flexible people. It seems that if the hamstrings are very lax, they are more prone to over stretching. Sheesh. To tight = bad, now to loose = bad. What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Saddle

Cycling - 9 miles / 48:00

Great day for a ride. A little windy, but the weather cooperated and the Lord let the sun break through just as I was leaving. Cycling doesn't bother my hamstring strain, in the least. In fact, I forget about it until I get off the bike and start walking around again. My back has really been bothering me, so I'm hoping that the thing that started in my calf and went into my hamstring, is now in my back and we're almost done.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upper Body Work

P90X - Shoulders, Chest & Triceps / 50 minutes

I do love what weight training has done for my strength. Many runners and endurance type people skip the strength and flexibility portion of their training. I get it. I love to run and wish that I could just do that every single day.

But God has blessed me. I get injured. A lot. This past spring, I learned to love the bike and even got in the pool a little. I realized that Yoga can keep my back from hurting. And, after about 3 knee injuries in a year, I realized that strength training is a must.

Also, push ups and shoulder presses will make your arms and collar bones look pretty darn nice! It's taken about 2 years, but I can safely say that my shoulders and arms are one of my favorite features. Now on to "bigger" my rear end! ;o)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tempo Run


My hamstring issue is NOT resolved. I geared up and headed to the top of the bridge for a little stretch. As soon as I started running, the left hamstring tightened and signaled extreme pain. I tried to trot it out a bit - but the pain was such that I was limping more than running.

Since riding my bike didn't have an adverse effect, that's the plan for this week. Tuesday upper body weights, and Thursday Yoga as usual, cycling for the cardio. Runner's World says "ice for 20 minutes 3x's a day and rest. Hamstring strains take 1-3 weeks to heal." Neat. ELEVEN WEEKS till the Bill Seymour Half Marathon. I hope I'm ready!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Cycling

Cycling - 13 miles / 59:00

I've been off for a few days. That little nag in my calf sort of crept up the back of my leg and turned in to a big bad hamstring strain. Yeouch. The bike ride didn't hurt a bit today, so that's good news. I wanted to do 15 miles, but lost the bike trail in an unfamiliar neighborhood, so turned around just after 6 or so and headed home.

Nutrition note - I took a Larabar with me on my ride today. I had a couple of bite on the way out, and finished it up after I turned around. Had no problems with my tummy, but wished for a little more water. Eating while cycling sure is different than while running!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bunny Run

3 miles / 33:15

Another beautiful, morning run with the bunnies and the squirrels. Wore the Vibram's and the calf sleeves. My left calf is feeling pretty sore - may have to assess my footwear choices for my long run on Friday. Don't want to over-do this "gradual" transition.

Not sure if I will get my Yoga in tomorrow or not. Vacation Bible School has been a fun replacement for my evening workouts this week - albeit a little hard on the cross training schedule. I'm really committed to making the training for this Half Marathon injury free. I have a conservative mileage ramp planned and am including one day each of Yoga, Cycling, and weight training each week. I SO wanted to run more than 3 miles this morning - BUT - I've planned my work, now I need to work my plan!

On a nutrition note - I've upped my calories a little to see if I can burn off this last 15lbs stuck to my tummy and hips. So far, so good - the scale is moving again and I'm not teetering on the edge of starvation all day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tempo Run

4 miles / 46:11

Mile 1 - 12:10
Mile 2 - 10:48
Mile 3 - 10:45
Mile 4 - 12:20

I had a little recovery jog in between miles 2 and 3, so the average pace is a bit elevated. I'm happy with my "comfortably hard" pace, and hope to continue with the tempo run on Mondays. Wore the Vibrams, a little difficult today - considering I just ran 5 miles in them on Friday. My left calf protests more than the right, for some reason. Calf sleeves = yes, new cute purple hat = yes.

Considering making the full conversion to the minimalist running. I've tried to run in my Mizuon's and they always feel like bricks strapped to my feet. Look out, calf muscles...this might be a long few weeks!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cross Training Cycle

Cycling - 10.5 miles / 53:00

What a beautiful morning for a bike ride! I have to admit, hauling out of bed before 6 on a Sunday is difficult no matter how many times I do it. It seemed like it took me about 3 miles to even warm up...but once those legs were warm and that heart was pumping...WHHEEEE!!!

I headed south today to explore a new trail. I did have to ride a little over a mile on a busy street to get to the trail, but at 6am, traffic was non-existant. I had intended to ride down a different trail that ended up being closed. No problem - I just rode until my RunKeeper app told me I was at 5 miles and then turned around. I live in one of the most bike/run/walk friendly cities in the country! Beautiful, paved trails with plenty of water fountains, benches and parks along side.

My next long run will definitely be down this trail. And, in case you care, there were plenty of wooded areas in case you need an emergency pit stop. :D I've never had to resort to anything like that - but it is always in the back of my mind! Silly, I know.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Long Run Friday

5 miles - 58:55


Happy with this run. This is the pace at which I hope to run my race on Labor Day. I ended up on the treadmill, so I figured I would log some soft surface miles in the minimalist trainers. I have been researching more about barefoot/minimalist running and found that short, staccato steps are extremely beneficial. I practiced this today, and by the end of my 5 miler, I felt great and my calf muscles only slightly protested.

Thursday's Workout = P90X Back & Biceps

Working the glamor muscles, baby. Fifty minutes of curls, hammers, lawn mowers and pull ups. Oh, and Tony Horton making jokes. It went by fast and felt like a rest day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Barefoot Running

I have been trying to re-train myself to run with more efficiency and less injury. Some people have expressed concern that I am going to take off and run down a glass strewn highway in only my toe-nail polish.


I am trying to slowly retrain myself in these, to strike less on my heel and will be running longer distances in light weight trainers such as these.

Here's a video that sums up what I am trying to achieve. Study up a bit on the benefits of Pose or Chi Running and look to the future of injury free running!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun Run

3 miles / 34:16

Just a fun, no GPS feedback, no music, run to start the day. I have, apparently, spoiled my feet in to thinking that they don't really need running shoes. I spent the first mile of the run trying to convince them that we HAD to wear shoes today. It was incredibly hard to practice my forward foot strike with THESE giant clod hoppers on. My feet also felt very hot, no bueno.

It's hard, for me, to do things moderately. I operate with the needle buried most of the time. Attempting to retrain my running stride has built more than my calf and foot muscles! I'm building my patience muscle as well.

Who knew?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


P90X - Yoga X 1:00

This routine is 1:34 long, but I barely made it through an hour of it today. I would normally do my workout in the evening, but we have baseball practice tonight, so I won't be home until later.

As if dragging 3 kids around the grocery store/park/where ever to kill time isn't grand enough, this is the 2nd day in a row that someone has skipped their nap. Today it was Susan. She screamed for 40 minutes while I tried to ignore her and find my "center" - HA. That died down, and while in Twisting Triangle Pose, I simultaneously felt something NOT COOL in my lower back and heard my youngest son cry.


Well, at least I got the stretch.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Tempo Run

3 miles in 35:18

Mile 1 warm up - 12:43
Mile 2 threshold - 10:15
Mile 3 cool down - 12:08

I wore my Vibrams AND my calf sleeves. During training for our 5/1/11 Half Marathon, I incorporated speed work in to my training with awesome results. I read that Tempo Runs are used to build speed when training for longer distances. My plan is to add distance to the threshold portion of the run, working my way on up.

Quads are still sore. Stupid hills. Fortunately, my calves aren't whining to terribly loud. I think they are submitting to my Vibram Break In Torture.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cycling Day

Sunday morning cycling = 7.3mi / 39:47

I don't get to technical about my cycling. Yet. I mostly use it for recovery, and my bike is one that I wouldn't really want to get too serious on, anyhow. Since I only ride once a week, I convince myself that I don't need a new one until I get more serious about "Tri-ing" next year.

Great ride, nice to keep it slow and easy. Beautiful cool morning with the bunnies and the birdies.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Havelock Charity Run

10k - 1:05:33 (6.23 miles @ 10:31/mi)

Well...I guess I made my goal. Hmphf. My initial goal was to come in under 1:06 and I did that...but my super secret goal was a flat 1:00:00 10k. My strategy was to warm up slowly in that first mile, then tackle the hill in mile 2, recover in mile 3 and then bust rear in the final three to come in at or under 1 hour.

I shot out of the gate and covered that first mile in 9:54. This is such a rookie mistake, arg! By that time I was facing the Big Hill and I was so happy with a sub 10 mile that I refused to slow down. Near the top of the hill I found a woman that had a 1 hour time goal as well, and kept pace with her until right after the 3rd mile.

Hey - fastest 5K of my LIFE.

Anyway, I decided to slow down and settle in to a nice even pace to finish strong. I did my very best and since I shaved :30/mi off my 10K race time of just 8 weeks ago, I'm happy with progress.

Now it's time to buckle down, tighten the belt, suck it up, put the nose to the grindstone, and all the other cliches you can think of.

It's Half Marathon Training Time, baby!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pain is Essential

Training for this week has been light. I have a 10k race tomorrow that I am hoping for a big fat PR on (despite a rather daunting hill) - so it's been easy does-it.

Yesterday I ran a couple of road miles in the VFF's. I've had them now for nearly a month and have worked diligently to break them in...slowly. I began by wearing them around the house, to the store, walking to the park, etc. Then doing my INSANITY workouts in them made my calves pretty sore - unfortunately, I stayed at a hotel with lots of stairs and was in a wedding wearing *gasp* high HEELS directly after. But my baby sis is worth it!

Anyway - the calves are extra special sore today, but fortunately I received my Super Sexy Calf Sleeves in the mail...those helped. And hey, most of the children refused to be seen with me while wearing them, win/win.

Back to the training.

I have my Friday Fitness class at church tonight. We've been doing Walk Away the Pounds, but every few weeks I bring something a little different and a bit more challenging. Tonight we are going to do Kenpo X. That will save my legs for tomorrow and still give me a great workout. I'll need all the help I can get - nice climb between miles 1 and 3.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Switching Gears - Again

Gee - I would love to do another month of INSANITY, but I have to stop to train for the Bill Seymour Half Marathon on September 3rd. I had delusions that I may be able to do both for a month - but I crashed real hard last week and had to take a few days of complete rest to get over it.

My brain is much more ambitious than my body.

So, I redesigned the blog, renamed it and will continue to use this as my detailed training log. Don't forget to visit my "real life" blog over at Life Is Beautiful.

Keep setting goals and moving forward!