Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad Attitude

Day 26 - Core Synergistics

I guess I could sugar coat it and tell you that I "struggled." The truth is I really hated working out today. I was tired, coughing, and all around hating life. I'm really *pissed* that I've been working so hard for no change in the numbers. Doesn't really make you want to stick with the program.

This workout is similar in effort to a circuit training workout. Many of the exercises use the core muscles and the muscles of the lower back. Having chronic pain in my back, I have to be careful about how far I push on this one. While making the switch from "superman" pose to "boat" I felt a nice twinge. I breathed through it and kept going. All is well.

By the end of the workout I was standing in front of the TV making what looked like an effort to stretch. I really hope I can see a difference on the scale or the tape this week. Right now this feels like a quantum waste of my time.

Calories burned: 416
Average HR: 128
Max HR: 176

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