Monday, October 11, 2010

Practice is Right

Day 11 - Yoga X

I was feeling really glad that today was my yoga routine. A rest day. A break. Why do I always trick myself into thinking that yoga is easy!? I like this routine very much. Variety of moves is not a problem. There are some that I cannot even do yet! I can get IN to the pose - but I can't hold it for even a second. Room for improvement.

Every salutation I made today was with prayer to my Heavenly Father. I smiled brightly and thanked the God of the Universe for his provision and for my good health. The only salutation I give is to the God of the Bible. Not the sun, not the earth, the moon or the sky. Praying through the poses, hands up in worship, head down in reverence. It's awesome, and it burns calories!

In the interest of comparing stats from last time, I should note, I only did the first 60 minutes and skipped the meditation at the end.
Calories burned: 252
Average HR: 102
Max HR: 147

So darn worn out at this point. Going to bed early tonight. Thankful to my sweet husband for cleaning up after dinner. Gonna be mantra...gonna be ripped!

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