Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beats a Nap

Day 9 - Plyometrics

Thankfully, not as bad as the first time, though I'm not sure it beats a nap. I made it through the first 40 of the 60 minutes in fairly good shape. It wasn't until the last round of exercises and the deadly "Hot Foot" that I had to take a walking break and skip the next exercise. My heart rate was way to high and I just couldn't do any more. You have to know when to take a break so that you don't get hurt.

I was tired going in to this workout today. Though, after the beating that my shoulders took yesterday, I was happy to allow my legs to feel the burn. I'm hoping after a good nights sleep, that I won't tear up when I think about doing Shoulders & Arms tomorrow... This week is going to be tough.

Calories Burned: 594
Average HR: 155
Max HR: 183 (!!)

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