Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If It's Tingling It's Working

Day 19 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

As the mother of 4 children, I have been tired a couple of times in the last 12 years. My definition of the feelings that goes with the statement "I'm so tired!" has changed over time. This week, I have added a new feeling to go with that statement. The drained to the bone marrow, to weak to stand on legs made of jell-o, feeling. My muscle fibers seem to be "tingling" somehow...feels nearly restless. I pray there is much building going on. Boy am I ever looking forward to week 4...a "recovery" week. I know better than to think it will be easy, but my large muscle groups sure could use a break!

I was so happy to be able to complete all of the Mason Twists at the end of the Ab Ripper DVD! I modify by only raising one leg and alternating every 10 reps - but 3 weeks ago I could do nothing close to that! Three more weeks and I may not be modifying anymore. Progress...it's gorgeous.

Calories burned: 553
Average HR: 130
Max HR: 182

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