Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Scheduling Adjustment

Day 27 - Rest or X Stretch

I am making an adjustment to my schedule. For the last 4 weeks, my rest day has been Thursday. It just so happens that Wednesday is a terribly busy day for our family, in which we are gone all evening. I was squeezing the workout in, but barely...and resenting all of it.

So, on the advice of my dear husband (who is usually right about these things), I decided to skip the Yoga routine scheduled for today and start week 5 tomorrow. I can't believe what a load off my mind it is to not have to figure out when (in between daycare pickups, naps, and home schooling) I was going to get my workout done. And just for a bonus in the peace department, I'm not cooking dinner tonight either.

I won't be writing the Weekly Report this time around. Being very close to the 30 day mark, I've decided to post my thoughts over the entire month at that time, along with *gulp* pictures of "before" and "30 days." Also, the scale is finally beginning to cooperate - so I'm feeling better about things. This day of rest aught to fix me up right and give me the gumption to get at it another 30 days.

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