Saturday, October 2, 2010

And I Thought I Was Fit

Day 2: Plyometrics

I gave up my one chance per week for a nap to do this workout. I was really glad that the Littles slept well and I even had the chance to shower before they both woke up.

At the beginning of this workout, Tony Horton says that THIS is the workout that put the "X" in P90X. This, he says, is the "money". I have been exercising for years - taken some time off to have babies and gain weight - but I have done a LOT of exercise videos. So when I hear an assertion like this I sort of roll my eyes. I really hate plyo exercises...hate, hate, hate. Hate.

Plyometrics (60min) - Also known as "jump training", this style of workout works the large muscles in your legs. There was a LOT of jumping as you might imagine, but as a surprise we squatted down and THEN jumped up. A LOT. The warm up and the first round of exercises weren't to bad. I was feeling confident. But, around the 20 minute mark we moved on to some harder stuff. I have never cried during a workout, but I was close today. There were two times in which I audibly said "I hate you" to the television screen.

I recommend that if you do this workout, you don't do it in the basement, as I did. It might be hard for you to get back up the steps. I downed some P90X Recovery Drink that I received as a sample. Tasted pretty good - and hey, if it helps - I'm all for it.

Calories burned: 560
Average HR: 148
Max HR: 182
Times I wished for death: 3

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