Friday, October 29, 2010

Plyo Revisited

Day 29 - Plyometrics

Yesterday marked the beginning of Phase 2 of P90X. I get a more balanced diet with a few more carbohydrates, and I get to start all over confusing the heck out of my muscles again. When I started, today's routine was such a thorn in my side. Today, it's more like a stubbed toe. Yes, that IS actually better. I was able to do more of the airborne stuff and actually completed most of the jump and twist maneuvers in the ending sequences. I finished strong and I didn't cuss or cry once.

Tonight I feel a little like I did when I started this program 29 days ago. My arms and shoulders are sore from the beating they took yesterday, and my legs are like jell-o from the pounding today. My whole body pretty much feels tore up. I rolled out some of the more stubborn spots on the foam roller and will get a good nights sleep. More work to do tomorrow!

Calories burned: 576
Average HR: 150
Max HR: 188

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