Friday, October 29, 2010

More Push-Ups!?

Day 28 - Shoulders Chest & Triceps, Ab Ripper X

At the beginning of each workout, there is a list of what is needed. Weights, bands, water, towel, push up stands. Paper plate? Yep. Put one hand on it, and do some fancy push ups whilst you slide one hand out and then in. Oof. I also learned how to do One Handed Push-Ups...learned and executed are two different things, though.

Working the smaller muscles of the chest and shoulders isn't the mega-calorie burner like most of the routines in this program. My 8yr old daughter loves to workout with me and lift 3lb and 1lb dumbbells. She asked me why she wasn't sweating yet at one point...but sure didn't want to do another push up by the time we were done.

Another Tour d' Ab Ripper this time, as well. This DVD is getting more "doable" and I'm sure, if I keep at it, I might see my abs by Christmas!

Calories burned: 325
Average HR: 100
Max HR: 149

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