Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 3 Report

Day 21 - Rest or X Stretch


All of my enthusiasm was spent on week 2. The last 7 days of this program wiped me OUT. There were a couple of days that I almost couldn't make myself push play. Just like anything, though, I'm so glad that I did.

Week 1 weight: 168
End of week 3: 166.6

Boo. the last 3 weeks of busting my butt and keeping my calories between 1600 - 1800, protein up, water chugging...I've lost 1.4lbs!? Whatever. It's not going to stop me, and I'm not going to change what I'm doing. My basal metabolic rate is 1500, I burn an average of 500 calories per workout and at least 300 more chasing around 6 or 7 kids all day. I am confident that I have an adequate deficit, sometimes things just stall.

Calories Burned
Week 1 - 2640
Week 2 - 2980
Week 3 - 2370 (missed 1 workout)

I'm looking forward to this next week. It's billed as a "Recovery Week." I will be doing Core Synergistics, Cardio X, X Stretch and Yoga X. No heavy lifting this week. The Instructional Manual says that exercise is the architect and rest is the builder. Ironically, I may show some weight loss at the end of week 4 due to the "rest."

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