Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Brick

Swim - 700yd / 30:00
Bike - 15mi / 60:00

I figured out why the call it a brick workout. Because when you're done, your legs feel like jell-o and your feet are heavy like bricks.

I got to the gym at a little after 5 this morning. I wore my swim suit there for convenience sake. I attempted to lay out my cycling clothes for the locker room "transition."

My swim was great, it was very nice to be in the water twice this week. I warmed up with my fave strokes and then did some kick and pull drills. I'm practicing my free-style stroke and trying to work on it one piece at a time.

I went to change for my bike ride and realized that I had forgotten a necessary support garment. I improvised by spinning out my suit and wearing the tank top portion with my bike skirt - worked great! I spun the "wheels" off of that stationary bike, and felt great.

I'm getting more confident! If I had cut the bike ride back to 12 miles and then ran a 5k, I would have completed a sprint triathlon. I have one in mind for next year - glad to see that I am physically capable - now I can work on SPEED! Muahahaha!!

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