Monday, July 25, 2011

Speedwork Monday

Intervals - 4.75 miles / 55:00

This morning, I used the miCoach application on my android phone. This is a free application offered by Adidas. There are a quite a number of free training programs available - I chose one for Half Marathon training. The training is based on zones, and cues you to either speed up or slow down to the appropriate zone for the particular workout.

Today's workout started with a 15 minute warm up in Blue Zone, repeats of 2 minutes in Green zone and 3 minutes in Yellow Zone, followed by a cool down of 15 minutes in Blue Zone. I failed to power cycle my phone before heading out, so the GPS was wonky. Maybe it was the 95% humidity that caused that...dunno. I was disappointed that I couldn't edit the map on the web interface, but used good 'ol RunKeeper to plot the distance.

Since the GPS didn't accurately record the workout, I was unable to benefit from the analysis performed by the site. I scored a 51% (presumably the amount of time I complied with the zone cues) and was encouraged to "Don't you dare give up!" I ran this workout wearing my Vibram Bikila's and calf sleeves.

As a side note - I'm still in tooth misery. I woke up about 3am and had to take an ibuprofen/acetaminophen cocktail to get back to sleep. Thankfully, I had very little pain during my run. But after breakfast, coffee, and oral hygiene I am in agony again. I know yanking that gauze out yesterday was the right thing to do - yuck - it was getting gross...but in hindsight, it might have been better if it could have been replaced right away.

Well, I'll have to fess up when I see the doctor at 1:00 this afternoon and ask him to fix me up again. But, hey, at least I got my run in, finally!!

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  1. Your tooth still hurts!! BOOO!!!!!! Great job on your run! Thank you for all your support and wonderful words!


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