Friday, July 15, 2011

Long Run Friday

8 miles / 1:36

At 5:15am it was 75 degrees and 95% humidity. Pretty thick. I was happy with this run. I stopped at all of the water fountains I found along the way in addition to my 12oz bottle of nuun that I brought with me.

I did take a few walk breaks. I forced myself to walk for 2 minutes every mile in the beginning, then stretched it out to a mile and a half after the turnaround. I ran the Rock Island Trail, which I had only biked previously. There is a lot more traffic on this trail, and that helped me feel safer in the wee hours of the morning.

Well, that and my pepper spray and light. :D

No major aches and pains. The toes on my right foot started to be unhappy around mile 5. They just feel hot and squished in my Mizunos. I've not worked up past 5 miles in my Vibrams, and didn't want to push it this close to my recent hamstring strain. Anyhow - I think I will need a more minimalist pair of shoes soon - the difference between the VFF's and the Mizuno Alchemy is night and day. And my feet know it!

Happy with my 12min/mile pace. I'm shooting for 11:44avg to finish in 2:30 on September 3rd. Baring another injury (like last time) or having the flu for a few days right before the race (like last time), I should be able to meet or exceed my goal!

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