Friday, July 8, 2011

Long Run Friday - For Real!

6 miles / 1:14

I could just go on and on about how wonderful this run was! My average pace (12:20) was not what I would ultimately like to see at my upcoming Half (11:44), but for the first long run after injury - I'll take it.

I used a 6/2 run/walk ratio to keep my muscles from tensing to much. After I loosened up a bit and found my happy pace, I was sorry to take the walk breaks. I wore my Mizuno's - but still run on the pads of my feet. I may be back in my Vibram's on Monday. My 'real' shoes restrict the spread of my toes, and I did experience some discomfort on my right foot. My toes just felt squished and too hot.

I brought water with Nuun and one Gu Energy Gel that I squished down my throat around the halfway mark. I have a hard time with getting up and running long on an empty stomach. I used to eat half a banana and a little swig of skim milk before a long run. I recently read that it doesn't metabolize while you run, anyway, so why take in the extra calories?

All in all - SO very happy to be running a little longer again. Very much looking forward to building longer distances and continuing my training!

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