Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clothed Naked Run

3 miles / 33:30

Normally, I try to do a "naked" run once a know, without clothes... NO, without GPS feedback! Since I have this new miCoach program, I wanted to give it one more shot with the GPS tracking feature.

It worked really well today. The scheduled workout was 5 minutes in Blue Zone followed by 20 minutes in Green and then a cool down of 5 minutes in Blue. I think that my Green Zone may be a bit high - the program has me running that as my Half Marathon pace. The range is 11:09 - 10:09. In my dreams... If I run my next race at 11:45, I will be ecstatic! No big deal, I will just go in and adjust the zones.

It was EXCEPTIONALLY humid this morning. The temperature was 75 degrees, but it had just rained and the humidity was at 95%...growing gills would have helped. I really struggled to breathe that first mile - but once I acclimated - it got easier. I was glad that I had eaten some salty snacks last night before bed, my body sure used that extra sodium this morning. I normally store excess sodium in the tissues of my legs and feet - but running in the terrible heat and humidity has helped sweat out the excess.

My tooth socket didn't hurt at all. I still don't dare chew anything on that side, but that will just take a while. I went today and had the packing removed. He said we would "leave it out and see how it goes." Here's praying that I don't wake up in the middle of the night with tooth agony!

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