Friday, July 22, 2011

Peace Pain & Chocolate

No workout again today. At this point I will be thrilled to run on Sunday at the soonest.

I made it back to the oral surgeon this afternoon and did, indeed, have myself a dry socket. Never had that happen before. I thought you only got those if you smoked, used a straw, or rinsed to hard. I read on WebMD that if you "have greater than usual trauma during the tooth extraction surgery" it can happen as well.

Greater than usual trauma during the tooth extraction surgery - check.

So, I decided that chocolate (and more specifically Reese's Chocolate) and Mongolian Beef should be featured in my recovery nutrition. I really wish I could get up and run it off in the morning, but that will have to wait.

Last night I was in ultra pout mode and told my husband "Well, I guess if I wanted to run my best Half Marathon, it's not going to be THIS race." The training for my May Half was fraught with medical difficulties. I even had the stomach flu the week before the race. In the end, I ran well and had a very positive experience - but it wasn't the time I was hoping for.

Six weeks left to train. Piece of cake. I think I will look at this next six weeks as an intensive training push. More speed work, less sugar, and less "spreading myself thin" by trying to work in a swim and a bike ride each week. I've had a feeling of peace in my family life lately (crazy, huh?) and I need to translate that to my training.

Six weeks to my very best Half Marathon!

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