Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Ride

Spin Bike - 13 miles / 55:00

This ride was ill fated from the get go. I should learn just to "take the extra rest day." But noooo take away the street drugs, and hey - I gotta get my rush somehow. Heh.

I brought my bike inside on Saturday evening so I could ride Sunday morning. Tires were low and my old tire pump would work on my new fangled tires. No problem, I'll just swim in the morning. Wrong. The Y doesn't even open until 7am on Sunday! What's up with THAT? Nope, that won't work, hafta be at church. So, I figured we could stop and get a tire pump on the way home...we did, but it was 115 degrees of bone bleaching, hair curling heat outside. :( Boo.

As much as I hate indoor workouts in the good weather season, I went for a spin while The Boy was at Student Ministry. I don't know what was UP with that bike, but I thought I had it adjusted properly. The seat, y'all. That's all I'm going to say. I was pretty uncomfortable at the 30 minute mark, but wanted to get a long, low cardio spin done, so I toughed it out. At the 55min mark I packed it in - just couldn't go 5 more minutes.

Anyway - it's done. Yay!

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