Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Run Friday

9.75 miles / 2:00

Today was a day of "firsts." On a longer run, I try not to do anything out of the ordinary. I wear clothes that are tried and true, footwear that has been adequately broken in. I make sure to bring the same type of fuel and hydration that my tummy likes. But there's always room for improvement, and you don't know til ya try!

1. Extra Hydration. I carried an additional 20oz bottle full of electrolytes in my hand. With the oppressive heat and humidity of late (even at 5am) my 20oz bottle in the hydration belt has been barely enough for my shorter runs. I've looked at hand held units, but didn't want to buy until I try. It went well - I was eternally glad that I had the extra liquid. I made it a point to drink it all by the turnaround, and found a trash can close by to throw it out. That worked well for me. I wouldn't have been happy carrying it the whole way, but knowing I could pitch it in a trash can at any time was great.

2. Cool Drink. I froze my liquids halfway the night before. Then I poured room temp on top. By the time I needed it, I had COLD fluids on a HOT day! Awesome.

3. Emergency Pit Stop. Yep, just what it sounds like. I've long been a "Squat Scoper" and look around for coverage along the trail just in case I have an emergency. I knew that, eventually, I would have need. Note to self: take a few squares of tissue with you next time.

4. GPS Fail. ARG!!! I used the miCoach application for the 3rd time, today. Before I had run a mile, it had given me two. I just took the earphone out of my ear and let it jabber away. After the EPS - see #3 - I wrapped up the headphones and just left it running in my pack. I could hear it yammering away incorrect mileage and pacing cues. Unfortunately, this also meant that I turned around just short of 5 miles (4.85) You just don't mess with the long run. UNINSTALL.

All together, this was a great run. I finished with a little spring in my step and don't feel totally wrecked. A 12:20/mi pace isn't what I want for the race on September 3rd - but if it's not 75 degrees with 90% humidity, I may be able to pace a little faster. Either way, I'm proud of my run. I'm blessed with a strong, healthy, capable body and am learning how to endure things mentally and physically. Beyond that, there is no average pace, 'cuz who cares? :D

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