Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 23 INSANITY workout today. And, I thought I was going to REST, but...

P90X - Yoga X and 2+ miles on the treadmill in my Vibram Five Fingers. Methinks I have a hamstring issue on the left leg...poor calves are really suffering and I think I have a sympathetic style ache further up. My ultra cool compression socks should be here tomorrow. Pix - promise.

So, what to do? I have a 10k on Saturday, a Half Marathon on Labor day (14wks) and an 86mi relay race a month after that. This is running's IN season, people!! I just don't have time to do INSANITY and train for the runs I am signed up for.

I loaned out my INSANITY plan to my 19yo brother...he's up for a challenge. I am going to be at the kitchen table this evening, reformulating my training plan for the month of June.

Three weeks of INSANITY yielded a faster 5k time for me and a full 1% reduction in body fat. I will definitely be doing these workouts again - maybe when running season is over and the treadmill is my only option!

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