Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 7

Rest Day

I had grand plans of running today - but I stayed up way to late last night, our 2yo son had a Mommy episode for about an hour around 4am, and dog-gone it - I was just to tired.

This is a good time to go over the Elite Nutrition Plan that comes along with the INSANITY program. I can appreciate the sane advice of this program - choose lean meats, whole grains and lots of fruits and veggies. Limit the candy and junk and NO alcohol. Pretty basic.

It uses the Harris Benedict Equation to calculate your BMR. That number is then multiplied by 1.7 (assuming 6 "hard exercise" days per week) to arrive at your calorie intake needed to maintain. Subtract 500 if you want to loose weight, add 300 if you want to gain.

Mine looks like this:

BMR = 1500
1500 x 1.7 = 2550
2550 - 500 = 2050

The idea, then, is to eat 5 equal calorie meals per day. So, for me, this would be 5 x 400kcal meals each day. I have messed around with my intake enough to know that 2000 calories per day will NOT help me loose weight. So, I put it right around 1500 with a little room for a case of the hungries now and then. I eat 300 calories at each sitting, making sure to count my Powerade and Recovery drink (ahem...chocolate milk).

I did take a cursory glance at the scale today. After some salty snack indulgence this week, the scale said nothing has changed. No worries. I know that I need to start pushing more water during the day and stay away from the pretzels, etc after dinner.

I plan to report my weight and measurements next week when I complete the 2nd Fit Test. Until then - I will be here "Digging Deeper" and getting fitter!

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