Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 3

Cardio Power and Resistance

And here we have a horrible picture after a horrible workout. I could not properly convey the amount of sweat dripping from my hair/nose/chin but you get the idea.

Cardio Power and Resistance started out with a similar 10 minute warm up, followed by 6 or so minutes of stretching. It's still a little weird to stretch for that long, that far in to a workout - but technically, those first 10 minutes ARE a warm up. I guess.

There was a lot more jumping in this workout - using your own body weight as resistance to tone your legs. I don't have a problem with squats and kicks - but this white girl CAN'T jump. Or, rather, "I currently struggle with" jumping. Not much air for me, but I keep trying.

We had some walking and inverted push ups, some triceps dips (one-legged as well) and some crazy Ball Tricep Dips. Hard to explain that one - but suffice it to say that I can feel all of this in my shoulders already.

Tomorrow is Cardio Recovery...maybe a little break!?


  1. sounds really intense!! I don't think I couls make it through the warm up!

  2. BUT, you look amazing! Laura


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