Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 8

Cardio Power & Resistance

I am starting to see an increase in agility in these workouts. My high knees aren't so low, and my power jumps are starting to resemble a jump, rather than a sorry attempt! I also learned a valuable lesson today.

I can't catch my breath while standing on my head.

It's true.

During the last sequence of intervals, we do Walking Push ups followed by Floor Sprints for the last two sets. I'm pretty winded by the time we get to the floor and got a little nervous when I couldn't catch my breath in a push-up position. No worries, all it takes is dropping my knees and sucking wind for a few seconds to recover.


Tomorrow is the workout that even scares Shaun T. During the stretch, he says that he's "Gettin' scared for what's to come, y'all." Pure Cardio - no breaks - all INSANITY.

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