Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy Core

Day 54 - Core Synergistics

Oh yes...the lovely, hour long, core workout. It's getting better, but dang. It was hard to get my mind right for this workout, after having a stressful day. The Monday after a holiday always makes children crazy. Once I settled in and cleared my mind, things went by more quickly.

I burned 450kcal, then had supper which was 477kcal. Do I win?? So much for this being a rest week - I will be happy to go back to heavy lifting, heaving up on the chin up bar, and maxing out to face plant on push ups.

Senor Scale was a grande pendejo for the weigh in today. He seems to think I have gained 3.6lbs in the last week. Hmmm....let's see - 3500 calories to a pound X 3.6 = 12,600 EXTRA calories I consumed last week?!? I don't think so. No, friends, I only had pie for supper once. It was good pie - but not 12,600 worth. I'm certain things will even out. But if I see a number like that again, I may not survive the shock.

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