Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cardio How You Want It

Day 41 - Kenpo X

With my back being so wonky, I didn't want to twist at the waist and throw punches today. I really miss running, that I jumped at the chance to hit the streets as an alternative. It was 48 degrees with leaves falling. Just the sound of my footfalls and peace! I was 20sec/mile faster this time that two weeks ago. Today's 2.1 mile run was the fastest I've ever run.

When I bought P90X, my motivation was to loose weight to be a faster runner. I haven't lost a pound. I have lost inches and body fat percentage - so I deduce that I am comprised of more muscle than I was when I started. Though that is a very good thing, I admit - I'm very disappointed that I haven't lost any pounds. I knew going in that P90X is NOT a weight loss program. Though, I thought that through the simple calorie deficit equation, I could make it work. So far...not so.

But if I can run faster in the end - then I'll be happy!!

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