Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 6 - Do Over

Day 36 (again) - Shoulders Chest and Triceps, Ab Ripper X

About 48hrs on antibiotics, with the spastic coughing episodes down to a minimum, I felt pretty good most of the day. I decided to start Week 6 over and take last week as a total down week. I tried to workout on Saturday and ended up coughing so much Sunday that I wound up in the Clinic on Monday. Partial completeness drives me Do Over, I must.

I like this routine, but always feel like I can barely lift my water bottle when I'm done with it. Every variation of push-up and triceps extension imaginable, complete with a crazy move where you bend over and do a hand-stand sort of press up thing. Wowzer. I skipped the Ab Ripper X add-on today...I reasoned that I am not "all better" yet and an hour of upper body was enough for the sickie today.

I have put up a mirror to help with better form and while performing some of the moves today, I notice flexion right under my collar bones (those I just began to see this summer!). After much repetition and inspection, I've come to the conclusion, that those mysterious movements were the result of more defined chest muscles. Will wonders never cease?

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