Friday, November 12, 2010

Jump Jump

Day 37 - Plyometrics

Glad to have moved on in to day 2 in week 6. I did this workout in the scant hour that our 18mo old slept this afternoon. I wish that kid would learn to sleep like the 2 and 3 year olds. Anyway - I don't normally squeeze it in that way, but wanted to take the kids swimming this evening. Being Friday, my school-aged kids completed their assignments early and didn't need much help this afternoon.

I was able to catch a little more air on the first set of moves this time around. I tired rather quickly and even skipped the bonus 3 minutes of sports inspired moves at the end. Still coughing a bit and recovering, I guess. Had my New Recovery Drink afterward, which seems to be working rather well. One cup of skim milk with 1 TBS of local honey mixed in. I get the protein and the simple carbs that my muscles need - without the powdered drink question mark.

And - my 3 year old gets to lick the spoon from the honey!

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