Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Day 33 - Kenpo X

Okay, I didn't really do Kenpo today. I do loves me some Kuh-rah-tay - but I've been dreaming of running. :) When I started P90X, I decided to take a break from running and just do the program as it was written. Today I decided to deviate a little and get my cardio from a beautiful run in the fall air.

I was concerned that maybe I wouldn't be able to run very far since I haven't gone out for a month or so. Starting out slow, I quickly found I had to hold myself back to avoid a quick burn out! I had set out to do 2 miles, but when I got to the turn around, everything was clicking so nicely that I went to the 3 mile turn around. Right after mile 2, I hit a happy pace and felt I could have run forevah!

Tomorrow, a rest / stretch day - yay!


  1. If your body says run, who are you to tell it no? I'm sure Tony would be OK with the occasional deviation from the plan:-)

  2. I would hope 'ol Tony Horton would be proud, thus far. :)


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