Friday, November 26, 2010

My Stronger Heart

Day 51 - Core Synergistics

Stepping on the scale this morning wasn't the horror show I had expected after Thanksgiving. I hadn't eaten much for supper and was quite hungry this morning! I had a terrible *wonderful* brunch of ham, sweet potatoes and creamed onions...but atoned for that, fully, by doing this workout.

I was much more capable during this routine. I first did this DVD a month ago on my last one week rest cycle. I HATED it. An hour of core work is tough! I'm happy to report less hatred and even a bit more ability to do the exercises. Interesting comparison to the first time I completed this routine:

Calories Burned: 450
Max HR: 181
Average HR: 137
Calories Burned: 580
Max HR: 188
Average HR: 150

While I, obviously, burned less calories - it's apparently because my heart is stronger and didn't work as hard during this workout - reflected in my lower average heart rate. I've been down in the dumps because my weight is not coming down with all of this work, so being able to focus on increased cardio-vascular strength is going to keep me pushing play for another day.

(/|\) - Peace - by my Mini-Me

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