Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rest and Think About Lifting

Day 34 - Rest or X Stretch

Funny how things flip, huh? In the beginning, I would lift and think about resting. Now, while I'm resting, I'm thinking about lifting. I'm anxious to get another crack at Shoulders Chest and Triceps tomorrow...and I will TRY to remember to do the Ab Ripper X add on, hmpf.

It's interesting to me, how many people lately have noticed my efforts. I haven't lost a thing since starting P90X, but people tell me frequently how "great I'm looking" lately. *BIG smile!* I haven't heard much from anyone in the last 20lbs. It's like everyone noticed those first 40 and then it just tapered off. Anyway - it must be the muscle building. Yay!

I also have noticed that I must be losing water weight. I seem to have "lost" 1.5lbs in two days. Now, I know that's not fat loss - so maybe the water retention issue is resolving. THAT would be nice. I have a partner for a 12wk Weight Loss Challenge that I have seriously let down lately. She's wonderful, and of course, isn't miffed. But you know how it is when you team up - I really want to keep up my end.

Here's to closing out week 5 of the program and heading valiantly into week 6!

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