Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cough On

Sick Day Recap

After beginning to cough again last night, coughing through out the night, then coughing and coughing all through church service and Sunday school...I decided to take today off. Again. I will likely call this week (which ends on Wednesday) a wash and starting over with Week 6 - Revisited on Thursday.

I may not finish the program by the 1st of the year, but it will be close. It goes against my anal retentive nature to re-do a week - but much more to do a partial week and then *gasp* count it as a full week.

The rub here, is staying on a good path nutritionally. I ordered some cookie dough from a little gal at church as a fundraiser, and have had one...okay one baked but untold nibbles of the dastardly dough lurking in the fridge. Must. Resist. Must. Get Well.

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