Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upper Body Work

P90X - Shoulders, Chest & Triceps / 50 minutes

I do love what weight training has done for my strength. Many runners and endurance type people skip the strength and flexibility portion of their training. I get it. I love to run and wish that I could just do that every single day.

But God has blessed me. I get injured. A lot. This past spring, I learned to love the bike and even got in the pool a little. I realized that Yoga can keep my back from hurting. And, after about 3 knee injuries in a year, I realized that strength training is a must.

Also, push ups and shoulder presses will make your arms and collar bones look pretty darn nice! It's taken about 2 years, but I can safely say that my shoulders and arms are one of my favorite features. Now on to "bigger" things...like my rear end! ;o)

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