Monday, June 13, 2011

Tempo Run

4 miles / 46:11

Mile 1 - 12:10
Mile 2 - 10:48
Mile 3 - 10:45
Mile 4 - 12:20

I had a little recovery jog in between miles 2 and 3, so the average pace is a bit elevated. I'm happy with my "comfortably hard" pace, and hope to continue with the tempo run on Mondays. Wore the Vibrams, a little difficult today - considering I just ran 5 miles in them on Friday. My left calf protests more than the right, for some reason. Calf sleeves = yes, new cute purple hat = yes.

Considering making the full conversion to the minimalist running. I've tried to run in my Mizuon's and they always feel like bricks strapped to my feet. Look out, calf muscles...this might be a long few weeks!

1 comment:

  1. I declare, look at Heidi Clare... Crank it up, Sister. Miz or minimal, you'll be ready to go fast 10/1.


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