Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Nakey Run

4.1 miles in 47:00

Just a slow, easy run in the cool of the morning. Yes, this particular morning actually had a cool part. I ran in my Vibram's again - really love those. My right hamstring (the one I hurt in June) started talking to me after the turn around. I walked for a minute or two and drank some of my nuun. Felt good and finished strong.

My average pace for this run was 11:35. This was a a pace at which I could carry on a conversation, possibly even breathe with my mouth closed. The cool part is that this pace was unattainable for me a year ago. I was running every run at about a 13:00 pace, and really struggling to even complete a 5 mile run. It was SUCH a long way back from my 4th pregnancy. Partial bed rest and excessive weight gain nearly squashed me.

Feeling great. Wondering what I will be rejoicing in a year from now...goal - triathlon!

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  1. Good for you! Sounds like a wonderful run! Thank you for your comment! I just might do that.


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