Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Cycling

Cycling 12 miles / 48:00

MUCH better ride today than Friday morning. I was a little scared to get on my bike this morning, in light of the sheer terror of the pitch black obstacle course I faced then. I don't easily scare - but all alone at 5am in the pitch black tree cover did it.

My husband bought me a new light for my bike. The one I had was okay but it didn't fit well and had a tendency to slip down. This one is super bright. I don't see very well in twilight/darkness. He's part bat, so I'm not sure he gets it, but at least wants me to be comfy and safe. It worked very well.

I took my good old standard city commuter trail. It's a little slow-ish with the intersections, but well lit and totally clear of debris. At the end of that trail, I headed south on a 4 lane arterial street. At 6am on a Sunday, our city of 250,000 doesn't have much street traffic. I stopped half way, had a little water and soaked in my free time. The sun came up and burned off the haze as I was heading home - what a nice ride.

Even made it home before the family woke...made some coffee and had a complete thought!

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