Monday, August 8, 2011

More Cycling

Stationary Bike - 12.5 miles / 45:00

I tried to ride in the rain this morning. Despite a serious case of "I don't wanna," I suited up and got out on the wet roads. The Lord had different plans for me - I rode to the end of our block to get on the paved city trail and the sky opened up. The wind started blowing and the cold rain soaked me quickly. I was done.

This evening, our son had football practice. Due to scheduling, I had to take the other three children with me - so why not drop them at the YMCA child care and have a spin on the bike? It worked out well, though, not having dinner before we left made getting home without eating something inanimate a challenge.

I had made dinner and fed whomever wanted to eat at 4:30 and left the rest on the stove for the inevitable, and for hubby when he finally made it home. I ate too much of it - but it was good for me...ground chicken, brown rice and green beans...and 3 Stork Chocolate Riesen's for dessert. :)

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  1. The Y is great! We had a membership when we lived in FL. I loved it! Thank you for following and listening my sob story. I still cry when I think about that day.


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