Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Day 56 - Rest or X Stretch

I took the full rest option today. This has been the week from Hades and I was ready for a day of nothing to try to "fit in." My dear hubby is home on Wednesdays and even picked up something for the troops for lunch so I didn't have to worry about it. Thanks, love!

I'm very apathetic about having 60 day pictures taken. I think I have more definition in my back, but I'm fairly disappointed with my waist and hip measurements remaining largely unchanged. I will confess - after the first 40 days of busting my ass with no change - I took 10 days or so to consume some sugar and saturated fats in varying forms. I didn't go to much over my calorie budget, but wasn't eating clean at ALL. That being said, that minor deviation from the plan couldn't thwart several weeks worth of work.

Conclusion = I have no metabolism.
Action = Press on anyway.

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