Friday, December 3, 2010

Back on the Couch

Day 58 - Plyometrics, not

This morning I found out that our youngest son (19mo) is now tall enough to get his sippy cup off the counter all by himself. Unfortunately, I learned that during that split second in which I had already filled the cup, had NOT put on the lid, and was turning around to replace the container of juice in the fridge. *sigh* At 8:30 this morning, I was cleaning up juice from a lip-licking toddler and a linoleum floor. I've cleaned up a million such messes, but today when I stood up to toss the towels in the wash, something in my back went really wrong.

By lunch time I was on the heating pad and ibuprofen, and by the time my husband got home from work I was a fixture to the couch. I was just telling him how wonderful all of this muscle strengthening has been for my chronic back pain. I had even put the heating pad away for several weeks, not needing it much anymore. It's back - but let's hope my hard work has bought me a commuted sentence this time around.

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  1. hope your back feels better!! My 2.5 yr old is ALWAYS doing things like that. I think I need a personally nanny just to follow him around all day! =) Praying that your back heals up soon!


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